Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Martin Odersky's new company ScalaSolutions

The creator of the Scala programming language, Martin Odersky, stated informally at Scala Days 2010 that he intended to create a startup offering commercial Scala support. He also mentioned it in a comment here. Interestingly, a venture capital firm in Switzerland have listed ScalaSolutions as a new company with VC funding and Martin Odersky as CEO/Chairman that describe themselves as:

A company to provide support, consulting, training, and enterprise tools for the open source Scala programming language.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

10,000 copies of Programming in Scala sold

The first book on Scala Programming in Scala that was published Q3 2007 has apparently sold over 10,000 copies according to a recent mailing list post by one of its authors, Martin Odersky.

This is far more copies than all functional programming books combined in 2008. For example, F# for Scientists has sold only 2,500 copies and sales have completely dried up after less than 2 years.